Use Foley Instead of Drum Samples

The technique used here is using sounds for what they were never intended to be; a drum kit.

Foley are the sound effects added to cinema in post-production for an immersive and enhanced audio quality experience. These are the simple sounds like pens tapping, keystrokes on a keyboard, footsteps, leaves rustling, keys on a belt loop, and even a coffee pot brewing.

Foley is everywhere and we hardly notice it. However, we would notice when it's gone. A movie without any foley would feel dry and fake. The only sounds would be music and voices; background aesthetics of the real world are vanished. Foley brings us into the film and we don't even realize it.

Using foley as a drum kit offers a very intimate experience with a song. It's already common to have anime aesthetics in the Lofi Hiphop genre. This is brought so much further when we actually incorporate sounds that make television feel real.